When two abused and rescued pitbulls meet, they can’t stop dancing.

Pitbulls, which are sometimes wrongfully demonized and characterized as violent, have repeatedly shown that they are as capable of love, compassion, and friendship as any other dog breed.

Chase and Cadence are two Pitbulls that were rescued by Hope For Paws after being horribly mistreated and neglected.

While many people continue to misunderstand and wrongly evaluate these two creatures, they exceeded all expectations and demonstrated the genuine character of these canines.

Pitbull Dancing

Cadence and Chance were both rescued by Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization situated in Los Angeles, California.

Despite having been mistreated and neglected in the past, both canines believed in second chances and were nothing but love and affection.

Chance came to Cadence’s rescue a day later, so they decided to place them in the same room.

To everyone’s amazement, the two rescued Pitbulls quickly became buddies. Despite the fact that it was their first meeting, they spent the whole time dancing and playing together.

It was definitely love at first smell.

Everything from their awful background was forgotten at that point, and they could finally enjoy being joyful and lively dogs.

We may all enjoy the wonderful exhibition of these two lovely souls’ relationship thanks to the Hope For Paws foundation.

Take a peek at the Pitbull dance that has captivated people’s hearts all around the world:

With over 4.5 million views and growing, this touching encounter is guaranteed to brighten your day.

A little compassion and understanding may completely transform someone’s life and dispel even the most deeply rooted beliefs.

The Rescue of Cadence and Chance

Cadence was rescued 9 years ago after responding to an emergency call regarding an injured dog. Two kind individuals observed a dog in desperate need of assistance, and when they watched it fall in a dark alley, they instantly phoned for assistance.
Eldad, the founder of the Hope For Paws group, rushed to the dog’s aid. Cadence was seriously hurt and frail, so she gratefully accepted the assistance.

When she was taken to the veterinary facility, they discovered she had been exploited as a bait dog and had suffered much in her short existence.

The charity got a call the day following Cadence’s rescue regarding a huge stray Pitbull in South Central Los Angeles that needed assistance.

Chance was a big boy, yet he was terrified and miserable on the inside. The volunteers worked hard to win his trust, and everything worked out in the end.
When the two canines first met, Chance’s only desire was to relieve Cadence’s misery by licking her wounds.

View Cadence’s and Chance’s rescue stories.

Thankfully, the two were nursed back to health and joyfully adopted into loving households.

Cadence passed away from cancer in 2019. “She was the light of my life, my best friend, and, most likely, the only thing in the world that cared about me.” Thank you to everyone who has shared, liked, and donated in her memory throughout the years. My beautiful newborn girl is now free. “I’ll miss her forever,” Cadence’s father said on Facebook.

There is no current information on Chance, but we’d like to think he’s still having the time of his life with his permanent family.


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