Rescued Puppies Give Each Other The Cutest Hugs

It’s difficult to adjust to shelter life, particularly if you’re a young pup who has never felt the gentle touch of a person!

Peaches and Layla, together with their 7-year-old mother, Lady, were afraid when they first visited their shelter home. Because they hadn’t gotten accustomed to being away from their mother, the pups were very insecure when she wasn’t there.

The tragic photo of Layla and Peaches consoling one other with a hug after a normal vet exam quickly went viral, melting the hearts of millions of people worldwide!

Lady, Layla, and Peaches are saved from the clutches of a filthy pen.

The Youngstown Police Department called the Animal Charity of Ohio in Youngstown, Ohio, last year about dogs in an abandoned, filthy enclosure.

When the director of this charity, Jane MacMurchy, arrived to the location, she saw a mother dog and her two pups living in horrible circumstances, all coated in mud.

The dogs were terrified at first, clinging to each other and refusing to mingle.

The ACO team successfully relocated them to their facility for further care, with the hope of providing them with much-needed socializing!

“All three are terrified due to their complete isolation, and the puppies cling to each other for comfort.” They will now get the medical attention and socializing that they so sorely need. Lady, Peaches, and Layla, welcome to Animal Charity,” posted the ACO team on Facebook.

The puppies were terrified at being separated from their mother.
Given that all three had lived in deplorable conditions, among rubbish and debris, with little access to the outside world, the dogs required a gradual adjustment to their new surroundings.

Jane and the rest of the staff made sure they got a long-overdue wash and their first vet visit! While Lady, the mother, seemed to be more at ease among new people, her pups, Layla and Peaches, were afraid.

Lady was admitted first, leaving her pups in the intake area, for immunizations and a vet visit. They lacked confidence and didn’t know what to do without their mother, so Layla and Peaches clung to one other until she returned.


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