Skinny Puppy Locked In Crate Transforms Into A Pawdorable Girl In The Presence Of Her Rescuers

Some pups never lose… HOPE!

Even at her lowest moment, Hope, the tiny pup girl with the most beautiful name imaginable, never gave up hope that someone would discover her! She was abandoned beside an apartment complex in a little container, waiting for someone to become her hero.

Hope waited for very long time, severely starved, underweight, and dehydrated, fending for herself without anyone’s support, until one day – her wishes were fulfilled!

She is hoping for someone to be her hero.

Hope was found in critical condition by a kind-hearted passenger, who promptly phoned Kreitzer’s Critter Corral Puppy Rescue in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

After she was originally cared for, the KCCPR crew had her examined by a veterinarian and gave her with basic supplies.

She was definitely terrified, but the KCCPR crew knew just what to do! They gave her lots of room to adjust to her new surroundings, as well as a little soft toy to make her stay more comfortable.

There are several speed bumps along the way.

Along with her malnourishment, she developed sores all over her paws and couldn’t stand or move like a normal puppy.

“Hope was confined in a very tiny cage (too small for her to completely stand in) for lengthy periods of time…”The pressure from laying/sitting in the same position for extended periods of time, combined with direct exposure to urine/feces, most likely caused these sores to form,” KCCPR noted.


Hope still had a long way to go before she was completely healed, but she was already feeling much more at ease in her new surroundings.

KCCPR’s Bill and Liz Kreitzerand chose to foster this pawdorable dog so she could interact and adjust to family life more quickly – and she loved it!

“Hope is becoming more at ease in her surroundings, but it will take some time for her to feel safe enough to let her guard down completely.” “She has been through a lot of trauma and will require time to heal (emotionally and physically),” KCCPR posted on Facebook.

Hope received paw guards in addition to her normal medications and bandages.

Incredible Transformation

It didn’t take long for this little girl to accept her new foster family as her own! Hope was back on her paws after just a few weeks of therapy, ready to play and love!

She finally knew that the days of being tortured and huddled in a confined kennel were over, and she only had one job to do – to be the happiest doggo imaginable!

The Adoption Day Has Arrived

After two months of being with her caretakers in North Carolina, a family inquired about Hope at KCCPR. They were overjoyed to finally meet this gorgeous child who needed a home, and they were more than willing to offer it!

Even though she was accustomed to Bill and Liz, Hope was excited to meet her new family, particularly her young hooman sister!

She fell in love with them straight away and couldn’t wait to go on a magnificent adventure with them!

Hope’s mother wrote to the KCCPR team just a few months after adopting Hope:

“She’s doing well!! She is really special to us. Every day, she gains confidence. She is very spoilt and the sweetest snuggle buddy! I take her everywhere, and she performs really well. I’m grateful for her. We can’t fathom our lives without her.”

We wish this brown and white puppy and her family a long and happy life together!

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