A dog befriends a baby giraffe and stays by his side till the death.

Jazz was abandoned by his mother when he was only two days old, but he found a companion in Hunter, a Belgian Malinois shepherd who adores caring for orphaned animals. Hunter just had to say goodbye to his closest buddy.

A farmer spotted Jazz dehydrated and alone a few days after his birth. They sought help from The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo, South Africa, where Jazz met Hunter and received excellent care until his death.

Many people on social media fell in love with the two critters and their adorable friendship.

On Friday, December 6, Hunter seemed to notice something was wrong with his companion Jazz. Hunter waited at the infant giraffe’s side until he died, when he started to stumble suddenly.

Jazz died as a result of a cerebral bleed, according to orphanage staff.

Staff posted on Facebook:

“In the final two days before we lost him, Jazz began to appear shaky in his legs and quite bored, almost as if he wasn’t recording anything.” He passed out abruptly, and blood started to pool in his eyes.”

“Jazz’s heart rate dropped, and he began to exhibit neurological symptoms.” When Hunter, his buddy, found himself standing next to the giraffe and not moving, he recognized something was wrong. Jazz died surrounded by Hunter and all of his human mommies.”

Hunter waited for hours in front of his empty room after Jazz died.

The article went on to say:

“Now we know Jazz didn’t have a bad giraffe mother who abandoned him; she simply knew.” Mother Nature is well aware of this, as we have seen again and again. But, no matter how difficult it is, we must give it our all every time.”

Hunter, for his part, has healed and continues to help other animals at the orphanage.

“Hunter is fine.” He remained to the end and said his last farewells. We’ll keep everyone up to speed on his growth, since he might now be trained as a tracking dog. He’s eating well and has begun playing with his younger brother. What a wonderful young man.”

Hunter is currently watching for Kolisi, an injured baby rhinoceros taken in by the orphanage.

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