Healed To Perfection Skeleton Dog With The Most Beautiful Eyes

Even at his lowest moment in life, this dog’s eyes never lost their radiance.

Those penetrating baby-blue Husky eyes conveyed a secret: he hopes and believes that things will improve.

They did, indeed.

Rescuers were taken aback when they discovered a Husky that resembled a skeleton rather than a dog. This dog need quick assistance. Every second was crucial.

Ryker was hanging by a thread, hoping to locate someone who could assist him.

He was on the verge of giving up.

His tormented body was losing strength. The skeleton dog was turning into a true skeleton.

And if it hadn’t been for Friends of Faye, he’d undoubtedly been one. This courageous group stood up for him, risked everything, and assisted Ryker in getting back on his feet.

This is the uplifting tale of one written-off Husky’s miraculous recovery to pawfection.

The road to recovery is long, but we’ll get there together.

Source: Ryker Renewed

I can’t tell you how many upsetting incidents with pets I’ve seen.

But none of them had the same effect on me as Ryker’s.

I had no idea a dog could be this thin!

I’m not sure how this Husky managed to walk at all! Ryker was nothing but bones. He seemed to have practically no skin left on his tortured body.

But it wasn’t only the weight loss. Ryker was suffering from serious health issues. When the rescuers discovered him, he was suffering from a severe case of mange. In addition, he developed skin and ear infections.

Ryker also had a heart murmur and Benson’s Syndrome, which is a kind of Alzheimer’s disease in dogs. |1|



Suffering on purpose.

What more could Ryker possibly take?

The cup was already almost full.

However, when life strikes you so hard that you believe there is nothing worse in the world, a change for the better is on the way.

Ryker has a long road to rehabilitation ahead of him. His optimism was what propelled him ahead.

It was a spark in his heart that convinced him he’d be OK, which aided his recuperation.

Wait a Minute… I’m a Canine!

Source: Ryker Renewed

Ryker was surrounded by kind individuals from the start of his rehabilitation journey.

Recovery was ensured with such an outstanding and dedicated crew.

Ryker began to look and feel better after a few weeks of adjusting to his new existence.

He realized he was a dog! And not just any dog, but a Husky!

Ryker’s face lit up with recognition the first time he howled at his carer.

Wait a minute… I recognize that sound… I’m a canine! My name is Husky! Now I recall everything!

But Ryker didn’t suddenly start sounding like a Husky.

He started to resemble one as well.

Ryker’s mange was gone after just 6 weeks of therapy. Fur began to sprout on his skin.

Source: Ryker Renewed

Who knew a dog with such a severe case of mange would ever regain its Husky coat?

Who knew a dog that was once a walking skeleton could ever be a true Husky again?

Ryker’s Contract Was Renewed

Source: Ryker Renewed

As soon as Hillary from Friends of Faye announced that Ryker was available for adoption, applications flooded in. He had possible pawrents from all over the country, from Seattle to New England.

Everyone wanted to meet the puppy that came from this…

Source: Ryker Renewed

To this!

Source: Ryker Renewed

Ryker seemed to be the result of some better sorcery.

However, it was only Hilary and the rest of the Friends of Faye crew’s golden hands that helped Ryker recover to pawfection.

Ryker stayed close to his foster family in Texas. His new pawrents were in Florida, and he couldn’t wait to meet them.

Ryker, you see, is not like other Huskies. Instead of enjoying snow, Ryker prefers the sun and air conditioning more than anything else. His new life in Florida was more than he could have imagined.

Ryker was born in October 2021. His loving parents already had a rescue Husky called Dallas living with them.

Source: Ryker Renewed

Dallas and Ryker hit it off right away. They were a pair of foolish canines that were constantly seeking for a way to flaunt their huskiness.

Unfortunately, Ryker just lost his older brother, Dallas, and is now an only kid.

Ryker received all of his pawrents’ affection and care for the two dogs. He’s currently enjoying the life of a spoilt Husky.

And let me tell you something… he deserves it!

Ryker’s updates may be found on Facebook, where his father often writes about their idyllic Florida life.

I’m still expecting to see a photo of Ryker in their pool. It has to happen one day. I know he can’t hold out forever.

Shivani Grover, Abadan Khan Amitava, and Namita Kumari are the sources. One too many glasses: A case report of Benson’s condition. 2015. DOI

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