When he finally finds a family, the longest shelter resident falls asleep happy.

That’s a dog’s grin when he recognizes his home.

The grin of an adopted dog touched the rescuers who were striving to find him a home after he had been neglected for much too long. Petey, a dog that was passed over by prospective adopters before being relocated from a high intake shelter in North Carolina to SPCA Wake in early October, got an adoption update from the SPCA of Wake County.

Petey, who was just one year old, has spent the most time in a county shelter in North Carolina. The shelter sought to improve his chances of reuniting with his family.

SPCA Wake uploaded a photo of him in the hopes that he would be found by a family this time. A family fell in love with him after viewing his photo.

They took him home and then posted images of him hugging and playing with his new family and furry brother. A photo of Petey cuddled up on a blanket with a large smile on his face was also published.

On Facebook, the shelter remarked, “That is the smile of a dog who knows he’s home.”

Petey’s new family reported that he is doing well in his new home. He enjoys fetching items, sleeping in the bed, and exploring the yard. He also enjoys playing with every other dog he encounters, even his new brother. Petey is an excellent addition since he is well-liked and demonstrates his loving side. I’m pleased to have him here.

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