A stray dog trapped behind a gate cries in agony till he loses consciousness.

After being found abandoned and imprisoned under an iron fence in a forested location near to a private property, a puppy litter was spared from imminent death.

A Good Samaritan spotted the little puppy, famished and thirsty, squeezed behind an iron fence. He was suffering by severe mange, a parasitic skin condition, and malnutrition.

He transported the puppy to a nearby vet facility, where he got first aid and nourishment as animal lovers worked to help the dog recover completely.

According to the doctor, the dog merely needed a good food, a caring owner, and a loving environment to recover from his minor injuries.
The person who rescued him decided to adopt him, and since he already had another dog, the unhappy puppy got the perfect life he had been looking for: a dedicated owner and delightful companionship.

We wish him the best and are grateful to this nice guy for saving and adopting such a sweet soul.

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