The dog’s astonishing response after being separated from his owner for 6 years.

They met again after more than 6 years, and that’s how it all ended.

A dog could not stop wagging its tail in delight after being reunited with his family. When he got lost, he ran across someone he hadn’t seen in 6 years. He was out and about in Sumter, Florida (USA). Despite the passage of time, he never forgot his owners, and his devotion for them remained unbroken.

We are certain that this tale will touch your heart since he was able to reunite with his owner after many difficulties.

A solidarity effort restored hope to this dog.
While exploring the streets, the dog came upon a compassionate guy who assisted him. This individual rescued the Chihuahua and transported him to a shelter for assistance. YOUR Humane Society SPCA shelter greeted him warmly.

The animal was emaciated and infested with fleas. Also, as predicted given the weather, the roadway was filthy. Despite this, he was a cheerful puppy with a positive outlook. A volunteer called Claudia Labbé corroborated this.

The volunteers understood right immediately that he needed a family. They looked for the animal’s microchip to locate its family. Fortunately, they discovered it and were able to call their owners in Naples, Florida.

Despite the fact that they were roughly 225 miles away from where they found it, they discovered that the puppy’s name was Alex. After seeing his missing pet again, his family couldn’t stop crying.

When it met its family again, this dog couldn’t stop wagging its tail.
Alex had been close to his family since he was two months old; in fact, his canine brother, Thunder, also resided at his owners’ home, so being alone was not his strong suit. They sent him to his grandmother’s house one day, and Alex ran away, so he decided to return home and was never found.

The family had been seeking for Alex for a long time, but when they didn’t get any results, they gave up hope. As a result, they couldn’t believe the puppy was still alive and that they had located it. Alex had not seen his family in so long that he was likely to not know them; nevertheless, this was not the case, as he instantly started to wag his tail nonstop.

He leapt into his mother’s arms without a second’s hesitation. The whole family held one other, and tears of joy flowed freely; without a doubt, a really emotional image that was captured, which we wanted to share with you in order for you to be impacted by this lovely narrative.

Because of the joy he felt when he was reunited with his owner, the puppy didn’t stop wagging his tail. Dogs’ devotion and commitment are extremely commendable.

Alex is excited to return home to his family and see Thunder again.

View the video below.

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