From behind the kennel bars, this adorable shelter puppy encourages passersby to engage in playful games.

She needed someone to take notice of her???
A dog called Barbie was stuck in a cage at the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, New York, hoping that someone would notice her.

The loving dog craved attention and rapidly discovered out how to encourage visitors to stop at her door. Passers-by would often halt and begin playing games with her if she reached her paws through the kennel bars.

Barbie’s extended paws and begging expression instantly hit ACC volunteer Manisha Shah. She couldn’t help but shower her with affection.

“She is literally the most charming little pup,” Shah said to The Dodo. “When we passed by her kennel, we said hello and gave her treats, and she’d flop around in there looking for attention and hoping to be let out.” It was finally her time, and she poked her paws into the meal hole. She’s unstoppable!”

Barbie came to Brooklyn ACC after her prior guardian relinquished her. Barbie, who was missing her family, tried all she could to make friends with everyone who came to the shelter.

“She loved hopping around the yard, pouncing on balls and stuffed toys,” Shah said. “She liked snuggling with us on the bench, and we liked how inquisitive she was about everything.”

Shah had a feeling Barbie would find her right suit quickly. She shared a video of Barbie on Boroughbred in Brooklyn, an Instagram account that campaigns for dogs at Brooklyn ACC, and was quickly inundated with comments.

“She was adopted fast!” Shah said. “One of our followers saw our post and immediately went to the shelter and adopted her!”

Barbie’s new parents are completely smitten with their new child and have set up an Instagram account to capture their trips together. Barbie will clearly get all of the attention she deserves from now on.

Donate to Animal Care Centers of NYC to assist other pets like Barbie.

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