Mother Dog Refuses to Separate with Her Puppies Who Died in Labor and Digs Their Grave Once More

In a horrifying video, a distressed mother dog is shown digging her pups’ graves and trying to take them. The event occurred after the pups’ delivery complications in Suzhou, Anhui Province, China.

Mr. Qin, the owner, said that two pups died during birthing and that their buried bodies were carried out from the dirt “five or six times.”

The dog is seen in the first video keeping a dead puppy in her jaws as the owner pets her and finally attempts to pull the corpse out from between her teeth.

The second video shows the mother kissing the bodies of two pups buried in a shallow cemetery after digging up the earth to reach them.

The dog reacts to her owner’s delicate caressing by sobbing and seeming unhappy.

In the third video, the dog is shown going along a trail while carrying one of the dead pups.

Mr. Qin pulls the puppy from the dog and holds its dead corpse in his hand at the end of the video.

It’s unclear whether any more pups survived the birth.


Here’s the video: (Warning: Proceed with great caution. The video contains possibly upsetting images.)

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