Mom Adopts Cat for Paralyzed Dog, Becomes Soul Medicine for Pup

This puppy and her mother are defying all obstacles with strong hearts to achieve something that many believe is impossible. Charlot was paralyzed at an early age and was recommended for euthanasia. But her mother was not going to let her leave without a battle. Every day, the two are making steady progress.

The age-old myth that cats and dogs can’t get along is completely false! We, as pet owners, know better. Animals are beautiful animals with compassionate hearts and pure spirits. When a dog called Charlot became disabled as a result of canine distemper, her spirits plummeted. But then a kitten hero appeared and changed everything!

Charlot’s mother acquired Olaf, a rescue cat, when her handicapped puppy showed indications of sadness induced by solitude. Charlot felt like an outcast as he watched able-bodied canines play and interact. Her mother devised a method to boost the dog’s spirits, which is when Olaf entered Charlot’s life.

Charlot’s anguish was palpable, both inside and out, and the sympathetic kitty did all he could to console her. He nestled up to her tender body, easing every ache and agony. Charlot had a brother who understood her difficulties and didn’t mind sleeping in bed with her. Charlot’s soul medication was Olaf!

Check out the video below to meet the couple and witness how far Charlot has gone thanks to her kitten brother! Everyone needs a cat to help them with their boo-boos!

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