A stray dog without a paw is about to be euthanized because he is a Pit Bull.

A group of pups were found without their moms in a bush, and no one understood how they got there.

Friends of the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue stepped in since pit bulls are not allowed to be adopted by Henry County Animal Care and Management.

The pups have been sent to a facility in Georgia where they will be put to sleep. Henry County Animal Care and Management will only keep pit bulls for three days before euthanizing them.

Animal control contacted members of the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue and inquired if they wanted to rescue the pups.

Jason Flatt, the creator of the rescue, did not hesitate to take them.

Krissy, Nugget, and Sunshine, the three pups, were put in foster homes right away. But one question remained unanswered: why does Sunshine just have one entry paw?

They couldn’t tell whether it was a congenital abnormality or the effect of abuse. Sunshine, on the other hand, was adamant on stepping on it.

They wanted to assist her, so they brought her to a veterinarian to be fitted with a prosthetic paw. In the interim, a multi-purpose leg splint should serve.

Sunny had minimal trouble getting used to her leg splint. They would also create prosthesis in four sizes, one for each stage of development.

Sunny’s paw was never found, but she’s happy and doing well in her new home!

Thank you to everyone who assisted this lady in reaching her goal.

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