This Pоliсе Dog Emotionally Goodbyed His Handler

When a guy and a dog grow bonded, strange things happen. This is what happened when “Jerjes,” a dog, cried as he bid farewell to his companion Jorge Baeza, a member of the Carabineros Canine Training Unit.

Since “Jerjes” joined the squad in 2013, Baeza and the dog have gotten along well. It was hard to keep them apart after that. His crew in the capital city worked quickly to plan his relocation to Concepción for his burial. The animal’s emotional reaction was unexpected.

Eduardo Ortega, who attended the burial, posted on Facebook, “I think it’s important to share this photo since today we said goodbye to the remains of a colleague, a canine teacher, and his colleagues from Santiago brought his trusty friend to say goodbye to him.”

Consider your dedicated buddy who spent some time at the cemetery. I felt obliged to share this image since it has had such an impact on me. He said, “Rest in peace, dear fellow dog breeder.”

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