An elderly dog was discovered immobile in a drain.

After getting a call about him, Animal Aid Unlimited went out to assist an old dog who had been caught in a sewer.

In an attempt to gain some pain relief, the elder kid had slumped in a sewage drain. Maggots sprang from his enormous wound.

The dog was almost toothless, arthritic, and had a large wound on his back.

They gently retrieved the unfortunate boy from the drain to transport him to the veterinarian clinic since he was in pain and elderly and fragile.

To manage the maggot problem, they used pain relievers and an IV.

They were relieved that the dog was eating and that his wound had healed fully in only a few weeks.

He wouldn’t have had much time to live without assistance.

Shabaash is today’s new dog, and you should meet him.

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