A young girl visits a shelter and adopts a sick, shy pit bull that just wants to be loved.

Because there are so many dogs in shelters, they are all seeking for a home. Unfortunately, some people may take time.

Due to reasons such as breed, age, looks, or health difficulties, many dogs are sometimes neglected by adopters who prefer typically more appealing pups.

But every now and again, a good-hearted somebody comes up. Shows compassion for these creatures. A two-year-old girl adopted the bull from the shelter, choosing him above all the other animals.

Audra Spurio anticipated to be pulled to an ugly-looking bull when she brought her two-year-old daughter to the shelter to adopt a dog. Despite knowing that the dog need some attention, the youngster persisted.

Audra told The Dodo that “my baby girl wanted to meet her more than any other dog in the shelter that day.” Despite the fact that the dog smelled “like mange,” the small kid insisted on keeping it. “Mom, this,” she said.

The dog was allowed to run around the yard. “I need your help,” Gigi said.

Because Gigi consented to the girls’ request, the pitbull was permitted to go play. The toddler was typically kind and empathetic, although the dog seemed timid and shy.

While many youngsters dislike dogs, Gigi merely saw a partner in need.

While the duo was playing outside, the girl lavished the dog with belly rubs and kisses, demonstrating their affection.

“I literally just watched this puppy melt in G’s arms,” Audra said. My girl was gripped strongly by the puppy. I didn’t want to go.

Gigi asked her mother to bring her pitbull home so they could care for her until she could be returned to the kennel. “Sick dog, let’s go home,” the youngster says.

The girls’ dream was fulfilled, thankfully. Of all the dogs at the shelter that day, I fell head over heals for Scarlett, a pit bull who had found a loving home.

Scarlett is now home and doing much better, according to Audra.

She still hopes to achieve her aim.

Gigi’s love of animals has earned her 14 million YouTube fans, who share her hope for the future.

Such a thoughtful and nice person. We are overjoyed to see Scarlett living in a home with a family and being cared for by a loving caretaker.

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