She shivered as she crawled down the ground, her body emaciated and covered with mange.

This is Ayla; she was 2.5 months old when Krista found her, and we can’t picture the agony she was in: starvation, mange, shivering while crawling on the ground…

Krista picked up the veterinarian. Ayla’s general health is bad, according to a clinic assessment. She undoubtedly ate the stone. Ayla was forced to crawl over the ground, causing substantial abrasion and long-term harm to her body. This is just another sign that she was calcium-deficient, resulting in malformation in both of her front legs.

Every attempt is being made to assist Ayla recuperate in the hospital where she is now being treated. Despite the fact that she is currently secure with Little Steps, rehabilitation might take up to three months if proper care is not provided.

Fortunately, X-rays revealed that Ayla had no damaged bones, increasing her prospects of walking properly again.
Ayla was brought outdoors for a sunbath in addition to eating. Despite the fact that she is still scratching from the mange, she is happy now. Ayla is without a doubt the best patient.

Ayla was brought for a blood test the next morning. The only severe difficulties were mange and a lack of nutrition, which was a gift. Ayla was given a calcium supplement as well as a bandage to aid with her deformities.

“It warms my heart to see our little sweetie spending time with Ayla, the cutest puppy on the planet.” She seemed pleased and happy to be able to play like a puppy again.

She is head over heels in love with her small ball. She needs a new toy to assist her in learning to walk.
Ayla must wear the bandage for at least one week.

Let’s fight together, Ayla. We’ll be here for you at all times, and we hope that news of your story spreads soon.

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