A Special Puppy decided to befriend a lonely widow.

Which of these two is cuter, 93-year-old Sally or 1-year-old Brody? They look beautiful together, anyway.
Sally, 93, who lost her husband in 1990, has spent the past 15 years in Mount Vernon, Washington, next to Dave Mazarella. She’s known all of his dogs, but none have had the same relationship with her as Brody, Mazarella’s one-year-old Saint Bernard.

Sally informed TODAY that Brody, who has a famous Instagram account, had previously paid her a visit before midday.
“He was already here this morning,” she said, “he came over with Dave.” Oh, he’s such a cutie! I served him a piece of bread for breakfast.

Brody sees Sally multiple times a day, and it’s fair to say they brighten each other’s days.
Brody would wander over to her house, according to Mazarella. She then started giving him food.

As they say, the rest is history. The couple now walks to church, watches the news, and reads the newspaper side by side.
“He’s so happy the second he sees me,” Sally said. Dave believes that Brody adores me because of my voice.

She came to Washington in 1952, although she grew up on her family’s farm in Holland, where she acquired an affinity for animals.

Only one of Sally’s four children lives nearby. She keeps in contact with them all on a regular basis, and they all enjoy seeing Brody and her together just as much as the rest of us.
Sally feels that her optimistic attitude is the reason she has lived such a long and rich life. This dynamic combo has an uncanny ability to make us laugh.

“I was the first born, and my dad always said I was a joy from the day I was born,” she went on. I’ve had a few setbacks, but I always recover fast.

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