Death Row Dog ‘Freaks Out’ When He Discovers He’s Being Adopted by a New and Loving Family

Sometimes the lengthy and difficult days of a puppy take priority over the days spent at a shelter. These are important responsibilities, but nothing compares to the worth of love and compassion. Not to mention their dreadful destiny if not adopted into a family.

This is a problem that plagues far too many high-kill operations. So, what happens when a dog from a shelter gets adopted by a family despite being unsuitable and discovers that its life is going to be flipped upside down?

Although the impacts of adoption have been thoroughly researched, nothing beats witnessing it for oneself. Benny, a nice and quiet shelter dog, was adopted from Gardena, California’s Carson Animal Care Center, which has a high death rate. Benny was virtually on death row before being adopted. So, what was his reaction?

Benny seemed to be pleased to the point of bursting at first. He’s sitting as still as he can, trying to hold it together while glancing around to see if this is his family. On the inside, though, he is clearly terrified. Is this the end of the story? Are these yours? Are these yours? This is how I see the conversation developing.

He is putting forth a lot of effort to keep his cool. I was almost moved to tears by the sight of his joy. When Benny finally meets his new family, he is given the red leash symbolizing a happily ever after, and he breaks into tears of joy. His new family embraces him right away, taking him to their car.

Visit a local animal shelter to learn more about adopting a pet like Benny or to learn about other ways you can assist. Many animals need permanent homes!

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