A rehomed deaf dog is certain she will return to the shelter.

5-10% of dogs in the United States are deaf. Some dogs lose their hearing as they age, while others are born deaf. Hereditary deafness is often caused by a mutation in the cochleosaccular gene. This form of deafness is more common in dogs with white coats and blue eyes.


Blu, a pit bull, with piercing blue eyes and a white coat. Blu is hard of hearing.
She went unnoticed in an animal shelter day after day.

Fortunately, Mark and Sean, two work friends in the San Francisco region, were seeking to adopt a deaf dog. Two of them were discovered at Family Dog Rescue. Blu was among them.

When Mark and Sean first saw Bella at the shelter, she was lively and full of life. According to Mark, “she took an immediate strong connection to Sean and the rest is pretty much history.”

Blu’s original owners contacted them to inform them that he had been living with them for six years. When they were forced to move into a rental property that prohibited pit bulls, Blu was placed in a shelter.
Blu was one of the visitors that spent the longest at the shelter.

She had been alone for a long time, which was one of the reasons it took her some time to feel at ease with her new fathers.

Blu was unclear about their plans for her and if they wanted to return her to the shelter.
“She was terrified on the first car ride we took her on to the beach a few days after we bought her.”

“She was just shaking in the back,” Mark said.

Blu’s personality grew as she became more at comfortable with Mark and Sean, according to them.

Blu still likes traveling in automobiles three years later after getting a lot of love and care.
Blu was made aware of Mark and Sean’s feelings.

They and Blu have become so close that they have developed their own distinct communication style.

Blu can tell where they’re going by watching her father move, and she even sniffs their feet when out for a walk.

She is most likely my spirit animal. I can tell whether she’s tense, joyful, or sad. “We just read each other pretty well,” Sean said.
Blu notices that the wiggles on Mark and Sean’s fingers indicate that she is OK. Sean’s harsh expression instructs her to relax.

They also worked with a trainer to teach Blu stress-relieving methods like as stretching.

Blu’s deafness has no effect on how she lives her life or interacts with her new owners.
It solely impacts Blu’s capacity to form bonds with other canines, according to Mark.

According to Mark, she and previous deaf dogs I’ve owned were unable to pick up on many of the little language clues that dogs offer to one another.

Deaf dogs can hear with their hearts. “I don’t think I’d ever not have a deaf dog because they’re so special and great,” Sean remarked.

They claim Blue is unfazed by fireworks-filled holidays, which are normally disliked by dogs.
It’s heartwarming to see how important Blu is to Mark and Sean.

The emotion’s reciprocity is also clear. Blu seems to be content with her new family, as well as happy and healthy. We are overjoyed that Blu has found a place to call her new father’s home.

You can witness the touching story of pit bull Blu and her two fathers below.

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