When I spotted her, I could only approach her discreetly and take her to the vehicle while crying.

Because she was paralyzed and unable to use her rear legs, this child may have suffered erlichia. Eva often requested assistance, but no one was willing to assist her.


“I just approached her quietly, helped her to the car, and then drove home.” I planned to take Eva to the vet the following day for all of her blood tests.”
Eva was in high spirits and eating well. We had an appointment with a specialist that day to check on her. After a comprehensive blood test, the doctor determined that she was clear of erlichia and HW. How could she be unable to move her legs when she was just anemic?

Unfortunately, the doctor had unpleasant news to deliver. We had brought Eva for X-rays the day before, and the technician discovered two injured vertebrae that were giving her tremendous pain and paralysis in both legs.
According to the veterinarian, “the harm was caused by either a person or a car.” The orthopedic physician would next determine whether or not the patient was a good candidate for surgery.”

Eva was given a considerable dose of pain medication every day in an attempt to enhance her attitude. Eva was recuperating well and doing well.
The bucket couldn’t even move three weeks ago since she was barely alive. She was building up enough strength in her rear legs to stand like a cane.

Eva always gave her best, even though she knew she had a long road to recovery ahead of her. She underwent daily massages, electric stimulation for three days, and daily water treatment.
Eva has done an outstanding job with her treatment and recuperation in a very short period of time. Her back legs were becoming stronger and more adaptive. She was able to straighten and keep her front legs erect since they were no longer stiff.

“Eva never gave up and proved herself to be a formidable warrior.” “She taught us a lot,” the group stated.
Eva had received plasma treatment the day before and weekly injections, both of which looked to be successful. She stood up for a longer period of time that day, walked a few steps, and felt better in general.

I pondered getting Eva a wheelchair a few days ago, but I decided against it. She was walking more regularly every day, which made me very happy.
She raced and leapt, loving the serene moments since she had never seen water before. I was overjoyed to see Eva smiling.

She has finally found the home and family she deserves. She was granted Canadian citizenship, treated with dignity, and had complete independence.

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