Mother Dog Has Been Abandoned By Her Owner, Both Legs Have Been Crushed By A Train, But She Still Attempts to Care for Four Small Pups

It’s tough not to weep when you witness the condition of abandoned stray dogs. Not every mother dog, however, is as bold, resilient, and loyal to her offspring as Si Bao.

This dog, which had been “mercilessly abandoned” by her owner, was killed when a train crushed her rear legs. Her life appeared dismal until Si Bao gave birth to four incredibly gorgeous and healthy puppies, who effectively became the driving force in this unhappy mother dog’s existence.

Si Bao’s spirit was restored once she rediscovered the pleasure of life after having children, and she has since maintained a resilient and strong attitude toward caring for her children. Si Bao went forward on his two front legs, keeping a watchful eye on the children.

Si Bao’s luck continued to improve when the Jill Robinson-founded nonprofit Animals Asia rescued his family and named this brave mother dog an animal ambassador. As a consequence, Si Bao has been relocated to the organization’s offices, where he may begin a new life with his kid rather than struggling to support himself by collecting food scraps from train passengers. Only Muddie has made it out alive.

Lelly has also changed her name from Si Bao and intends to get wheeled prosthetic legs placed so she can move around more comfortably. When the crew found Lelly’s four pups, three of them had already died from high fevers, leaving just Muddie.
Lelly is presently living her best life as the “Asia animal” ambassador for Animals.

Despite the fact that she is just a puppy, Lelly is an example of an indomitable character that does not succumb to adversity.

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