When a retired police dog reunites with his old handler, he cries tears of delight, demonstrating profound emotional connection and contentment.

The terrible story in this book will have you reaching for tissues. It was an emotional moment reuniting a retired police canine with his prior handler.
A security checkpoint in Xichuan, Henan Province, central China, uses an eight-year-old German shepherd called Wang Wang as a sniffer dog.

He will leave his agency after retiring in June 2019 and seeking a permanent house where he will spend the remainder of his life.
Last month, while on patrol near Matan Wangwang’s house, his old employer, a police officer, decided to pay him a surprise visit.

A video of police chatting with Wang Wang outside his house was recently posted on the Xichuan police Douyin account, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok.
After hearing the previous agent’s call, Wang Wang dashed out of the building and leaped into his arms.

Wang Wang licked his former owner’s legs, sobbed, and stayed at his side.

Wang Wang followed his boss the whole time the patrol made their way back to their vehicle, refusing to let them leave.
Despite having grey hair, Wang Wang was described as huge and obese in the letter. It is never easy to say goodbye to friends.

Internet fans’ hearts warmed as they saw the heartwarming reunion of the committed canine and the dog trainer.
“Dogs are loyal friends, treat them nicely,” one person remarked.

“You can tell Wangwang misses his handler,” the second individual stated.

Some witnesses to the emotional reunion are perplexed as to why Wang Wang and his agent are not permitted to meet.

According to Xichuan police, our officers are unable to spend their time playing or exercising with retired canines. “Police dogs are typically well-fed at the training center,” they said.
“They’ll get better care at home rather than in a training facility.”

The touching reunion may be seen here:

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