Foster father refuses to euthanize a dog born without front legs and instead chooses to give him another shot.

Nobby the dog was born without front legs. It had barely been four hours after the small dog’s birth when the vet proposed euthanasia.

Nubby’s owner, on the other hand, made a clear decision.


The beginning of Nobby’s life was difficult. He had difficulty going to his mother to suckle since he was born without front legs. Nubby was unable to feed despite his siblings pushing him away from his mother as she embraced him.
Furthermore, the veterinarian believed that, no matter how terrible it was, Nobby should be put to death. The puppy had only been alive for four hours at the time.

Lou Robinson, a Texas citizen who, with her husband Mark, has devoted her life to caring for and rescuing orphaned and abandoned dogs, wants something new.
They promptly decided to defy the veterinarian’s advice and care for Nobby on their own. Nobby accompanied Lou to his home. She and her husband remained there all night to keep an eye on the dog. He got their love, care, and nourishment in the form of a bottle.

Nobby seemed to be doing well at first.
He grew bigger eyes and ears. He could bark, smell, and distinguish noises, according to Loui Robinson.

After then, things began to shift.

Nobby began to sneeze around a month after birth. As he was unable to defecate, he expelled little bubbles through his nostrils.
An X-ray revealed that Nubby’s esophagus was damaged.

Nobby was placed in an incubator after receiving antibiotics. Despite the odds, Nobby shown tremendous persistence and perseverance.

He was determined not to give up. He responded by fighting. And he battled for the opportunity to live a decent life, just as his foster parents struggled to give him that opportunity.
The good news is that Nobby improved with time. Three years later, this adorable young girl has shown to be a genuine survivor.

Despite his difficulties in life, Nobby has shown to the whole world that everything is possible. Furthermore, the Robinsons have provided him with a Facebook page so that others may track his escapades.
According to recent updates and images, Nobby seems to be feeling better than ever.

He has matured into a robust dog. His favorite hobby is playing, and he seems to be thrilled by life and all it has to offer. He even has his own miniature wheelchair to go about and play in.

Nobby is a fantastic motivator! He is a testimony to the belief that being unique, while not being like everyone else, is meaningless.

Despite the veterinarian’s view that he should be put down, Nobby has shown that with Lou and Mark’s assistance, everything is possible.

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