A stray puppy falls from the sky and somehow survives.

One of the most amazing tales ever told is about a 6-week-old dog that survived a tragic catastrophe. A group of construction workers heard the tiny dog’s desperate howls after a hard day of work. As a consequence, they were acutely aware of the necessity to respond immediately.

They started seeking for and chasing the source of the sound, but they were unsuccessful. As the shouts persisted, one of them turned to look up and noticed that they were coming from above. They once observed a horrible spectacle involving a Chihuahua puppy being carried about in a hawk’s talons.

They were all stunned and uncertain how to respond as the hawk let off the Chihuahua, which plummeted down on them. The employees rushed over to check on the dog, and they were astounded by what they discovered. Fortunately, the puppy’s injuries were minor, enabling personnel to pick him up and transport him to the local vet facility, where he was assessed and found to be in excellent condition.

Despite being dropped from the skies by a hawk, the little puppy brought to Austin Animal Center (AAC) was in outstanding health. He had many scrapes as well as bruises and bumps. He was given IV fluids to help him recover from his terrifying encounter with the hawk.

Tony Hawk, the small Chihuahua, is now receiving the nutrients he needs to recuperate, and once completely healed, he will be placed for adoption.

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