Woman Saves Abandoned Puppy, and He Thanked Her!

Dogs are such lovely animals; people who have never had a dog’s affection are losing out on one of the greatest types of love one can possibly know; their love is genuinely unconditional.

I’m so grateful this nice woman spared this precious baby!

A touching moment was captured on video, and it’s virtually difficult not to cry after viewing it. It all began when a kind lady observed a few a.ban.doned pets. It was very hot outdoors, and the poor critters lacked food and drink.

The lady [couldn’t st.and unaffe.cted] when she saw that ext.remely [sa.d] sighting, so she raced to rescue them all.
They were [tied] up on two-foot [ch.ains], unable to move. I couldn’t sleep at night while waiting for someone to save them, so I rescued them.

Thank you very much to this nice person with a kind heart!

And the manner one of the dogs chose to praise her for her honorable act brought her to tears. Rover, the dog, had the most emotional response as they rode back home. The lady was softly patting him, but only so she might be patted and soothed in return by the puppy she had just rescued.

It warmed her heart that he’d been ne.gle.cted and wasn’t angry at her, but appreciative. I began to cry, and his attention turned from himself to my needs. I couldn’t believe how much affection flowed from an animal who had literally just escaped from a similar scenario.

A pet’s love is very pure and valuable, and it is unconditional.

The adoration in those fur baby eyes is priceless! How can anybody hurt or a.ban.don these priceless creatures?
I hope he’s a happy dog since you’re a wonderful person for rescuing him.

Thank you for saving that adorable dog! He will shower you with affection for the rest of his life!! You have a wonderful heart.

He is overjoyed to have a loving family and house.

AMEN to God for saving this precious furbaby.

Watch the video to see how nice the dog was and how much he appreciated being saved.

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