A man travels 2,800 miles to prevent pit bulls from being euthanized.

Pit bulls are gaining people’s hearts all across the globe, and they will go to any length to assist them.

A truck driver named Mario Rodriguez went through this when he fell in love with a pit bull after viewing a photo of him. Hickory, a gorgeous pit bull with a broad smile, was present. He was on the euthanasia list at the Animal Care Center Shelter in New York.


The two-year-old dog is overjoyed.

Mario had a deep contact with pit bulls as a youngster and wasn’t about to deprive the gorgeous Hickory the opportunity to live his life.


“This breed was raised collectively by my family.” I also raised my own children with these animals. They are quite affectionate.”


Because Mario was working in California, it was just a matter of time until it was too late to have this gorgeous puppy. Mario took the daring step of calling a few folks at the workplace.

Driving from California to New York without stopping may take over two days.

It’s fortunate that they were able to arrange the truck route to New York. He contacted the shelter frequently as soon as he began driving to ensure Hickory wasn’t murdered.



“I kept in touch with the shelter on a daily basis.” They even had my phone number on the third day. They said, “Yes, Mario.” It is, nonetheless, present. It is, nonetheless, present.”


Mario increased his speed, anxious to meet the newest member of his family. Hickory’s joy and evident understanding that Mario had come to make him very happy were the two most “surprising” of all.


almost 4,000 kilometers of driving


“When I told him we were leaving, he started wagging his tail wildly, and he wouldn’t stop jumping on me and kissing me.”

Hickory quickly made friends with his two new pit bull siblings after arriving home. But when he found out Mario had to return to work, he refused to let him leave. Hickory would become Mario’s new co-pilot, which was the right answer for the family.


He is now her ideal colleague, and she is satisfied while she explores new ground.

We routinely make pit stops at parks and farms. He’s shouted at cows and run into horses. “She is having a great time.”

Hickory has his own bed, so he can sleep inside the truck at night.

Hickory and Mario were meant to be together. We wish you many more amazing times together.


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