When a dog cuddles her human brother to help him sleep, she ends up saving his life.

A dog’s favorite moment of the day is when they are playing with their favorite toy or eating their favorite food. But it’s not the same for all dogs. Daisy, my two-year-old Rottweiler puppy, prefers sleeping with her human brother all night.

Daisy’s mother, Brittany Troilo, said that the home has been filled with love since the puppy joined their family two years ago. Daisy, she says, is her son’s shadow since she never leaves his side at night. They spend the day playing in the backyard, and when it’s time for her son to go to bed, Daisy waits for him on the stairs to begin his bedtime ritual, according to the mother.

She hops on the bed when it’s ready, waiting for her brother to return from brushing his teeth. She wraps her arm over his and clutches him all night while they’re both in bed. Because he has type 1 diabetes, the youngster has an emergency one day. Daisy ran directly to her mother to rouse her awake so she could care for him.

Daisy regularly came to wake Troilo up in the middle of the night whether her son’s drink was low or high. Daisy is intimately aware of her brother’s plight despite the fact that she does not sleep on the Dexcom medical gadget to keep him safe. It’s one of the best and most remarkable tales I’ve ever heard.


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