A ill kitty that was saved from death now expects love and cuddles every day.

On December 24, a family in Belarus discovered his small tuxedo cat in the package and called it Pusic. The kittens’ eyes were closed, and no matter how hard they tried, it refused to eat or drink, and it seemed unwell.

They rushed him to the vet clinic, where the doctor warned them that Pusic may not survive owing to his terrible condition and need for a lot of medicine, but the family refused to give up.

After 6 days, the kitten refuses to eat and spends most of his time sleeping, so they decided to give him glucose and medicine around the clock.

The following day, a miracle occurred when Pusic began to eat and recover from his ailment.

Pusic’s family saw a new world in his eyes, and he seemed to be overjoyed to be with a loving family and to have a lifelong home.

He enjoys cuddling with his father and receiving plenty of hugs and kisses from his people.

After his family gave him everything, he is now showering them with love on a daily basis.

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