A dog that has been abandoned several times due to its deformities finds hope when a lady discovers and appreciates its inherent beauty.

Beauty is not closely tied to physical characteristics. When you flip ourselves inside out, we all appear pretty much the same. What counts most is our inner beauty.
Others in Lucky’s life, however, were unable to look past what they first noticed. That was a travesty!

Lucky was born with a severe facial deformity. He was born in a puppy mill before being surrendered to a shelter. It was difficult to find him a place to live. They couldn’t believe what they saw when they caught a brief peek of him.

Lucky was finally adopted, but he was abused cruelly by each home as he was passed from one to the next. Because he didn’t get along with their animals, his first family in Austin constantly kept him outdoors. Lucky was chained to a tree.
He lacked a safe place to sleep and an adequate food supply. He was forgotten and ignored. Lucky was never accorded the love he so well deserved.

Before they relocated, the family decided to give Lucky up. Even the thought of bringing him along was denied. Lucky was clearly not a part of the family.
Lucky’s new family abruptly abandoned him once he was adopted again. The unlucky Lucky dog was everything but fortunate.

Then something happened on social media that completely changed everything! Lucky was driven to the groomer by a shelter worker. The volunteer posted photos of a flawlessly coiffed Lucky, which a friend of the volunteer called Jamie Hult spotted. She was desperate to meet Lucky right now! She wanted she could admit Lucky right immediately!
I immediately contacted the owner and informed him that I wanted the dog since the owner was a member of my dog rescue network. Jamie said, “I want to adopt that dog; I don’t want to foster it.”

Lucky was in bad shape and required considerable veterinary treatment, which was sad. He was afflicted with heartworms and fleas. He was also underweight. Jamie, on the other hand, seemed unconcerned. She wouldn’t hesitate to expose her wallet—or her heart—to acquire him.
Lucky had a long road ahead of him, but with excellent medical care, he recovered completely!

His new home, lifestyle, and identity all came with a new name. Toxic Toxicity!

“Beaux Tox is his nickname since he plainly needs botox, which is OK. We value beauty in all of its manifestations. I don’t get botox since the expenditures of having a dog are so costly.
Jamie has the mentality and approach that Beaux need! Do you not believe?

Their blissful marriage has been a year. Beaux is now a young, robust man living a happy life. No more lonely nights in shelters, days tethered to trees, or judgment based on his appearance—only love for this gorgeous puppy!

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