We discovered a poor dog entangled in a fishing line and assisted her in healing.

Lucy’s continuing survival is a miracle. Lucy was found approximately three months ago at a Bali building site where several dogs had previously resided but had gone missing. Lucy was taken aback when her rescuer caught her sight.

The young pup’s snout was tied firmly in fishing wire, indicating that she had been brought in for the dog meat trade and was ready to be sold and murdered for food. Lucy’s rescuer acted fast to save her, transporting her to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Lucy was found with a fishing line wrapped around her nose, severely injuring it. The poor dog is said to have been on his way to the nasty and merciless meat farms.

Lucy was finally safe when the fishing line was cut free at the vet, but she was still in danger. Because she got the deadly disease parvovirus, doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of survival. We noticed an unhappy puppy entangled in fishing line and aided in her rehabilitation.

Lucy had finally arrived at a secure location. She hadn’t even exited the woods. The veterinarians diagnosed her with the lethal parvovirus and offered her a 50/50 chance of life. Lucy began to show improvement after two weeks and was approved for placement in foster care.

It was touch and go for a few days. She began behaving abnormally after just one day and tested positive for distemper—as if she hadn’t already gone through enough. Despite Lucy’s strength, we didn’t believe she’d make it. When we discovered her, she had already been reduced to skeletal remains as a result of the parvovirus’s destruction of her immune system.

Lucy began to heal after much work and countless illnesses, but she had little confidence in others.

She, on the other hand, fought back. We syringe-fed her bone broth every few hours and gave her all the attention and care we could since she had no appetite. Lucy was now ready to begin her road toward emotional repair after finishing her physical recovery.

She stayed immobile and avoided making eye contact with anybody from the time she was rescued. She’d spend hours hiding in a kennel corner, only venturing out to use the restroom. She didn’t believe in humans, therefore she must have gone through a lot of trauma before we discovered her.

Vets, foster parents, and a slew of others assisted Lucy in progressively recovering from her tragedy.

Lucy has come a long way while living with Prue, the founder of Mission Paws’ible. Although she is still wary, she is growing into a joyful and vibrant little dog. She enjoys going on zoomies with her paw-fwends and sunbathing. Lucy now leaps up onto the couch to sleep with her companions, despite never having done so previously.

It restored confidence in humans and other creatures.

Lucy exemplifies how a little determination and a lot of love can go a long way. She is looking for her eternal home and dreams of a lovely and happy future. The Healing Center is currently being built by Mission Paws’ible.

This facility will provide Lucy’s pet with a safe area to rest and heal. Natural raw food, daily hairless hound therapeutic oil massages, animal therapy music, one-on-one human connection, and plenty of sunlight will be among their treatments.

Lucy exemplifies how love and persistence can go a long way and save a life.

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