A dog puts his life in danger by jumping into the water to save a drowning cat.

They are sometimes referred to as “mortal enemies,” but the fact is that dogs and cats are not as fierce competitors as you may believe.

More and more of them are living under the same roof, and according to Menchetti et al.1, over 60% of family doggos and their feline pals sleep and play together on a regular basis.

One of such endearing relationships was captured on camera, showing a dog’s emotional response after his kitty buddy falls in the water. When this dog sees the cat in distress, he performs the most incredible thing ever!


He First Tries To Get Her Out Of The Wall 

@Gabriele_Corno is the source.

The video depicts a half-drowned cat in water battling for her life, clutching an item with everything she had at the time. She was clearly afraid and in shock, trying to figure out how to get out.

But suddenly a dog appears on the wall of a fish pond, giving his assistance and attempting to get his feline companion out!

He first attempts to pull her out with his jaw, but when he realizes that’s not feasible, he leaps into the water, oblivious to the danger!

Without regard for how dangerous the situation may be,

@Gabriele_Corno is the source.
The next thing you know, he’s in the water, paddling with his feline companion on his back, trying to find his way out. He almost put his own life in danger to help a buddy in need, dispelling the idea that cats and dogs are sworn foes.

In a matter of seconds, he successfully reaches for the beach, and he and the cat set sail.

For a little minute, you can see the cat in astonishment, attempting to figure out what had just occurred. But then she’s back to normal, leaping from the fishpond wall as if nothing had happened!

A successful rescue

@Gabriele_Corno is the source.
This incredible rescue was captured on video and quickly went viral on social media, melting the hearts of millions of people all over the globe!

People were happy to witness a selfless doggo go to such lengths to aid the cat buddy in need, while others were perplexed as to why the person filming the whole incident did not act to rescue either of the animals.

Regardless, this cat was finally on safe ground, due to a magnificent gesture of kindness from a dog that immediately went for it! It doesn’t really matter whether he was a well-trained boi with well developed social skills, or if it was simply his primordial inclination!

All that counts is that the dog and the cat are both safe. And I’m sure they stayed pals as well!

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