He lay lifeless by the main lane, pleading for assistance.

“I noticed a doggie lying down while I was traveling.” But I had a feeling he was in big danger. I returned… He was merely lying in a pool of water next to the roadside in the rain when I returned.” Bravo, Caki, Fahrudin


He was laying down, seemingly defeated, as if to scream, “I can’t take it anymore!”

“I could see he was in pain. “Can we work anything out?” I questioned. “Never give up now!” I’m here! I’ll help you if you don’t bite me (from the pain), okay?” Fahrudin said this.

Fahrudin took him to the vet. We’ll get X-rays to see what’s broken! Internal bleeding and injuries are the major concerns of the veterinarian.

His name is Maddox, and he has a chance to be operated on. Despite the veterinarians’ best attempts to save his life, the spine procedure will be conducted outdoors at the big Clinic after additional expert deliberations.

“MADDOX, For him, the most crucial fight of his life is about to begin! He’ll be greeted by a surgeon who will try the (spine operation) and give Maddox a chance.”


He was so brilliant and educated that he appeared to know everything and where they were going.

Following the evaluation, the surgeon determined that no surgery was necessary. It was destiny that it happened, despite the little possibility of it happening! The surgeon disclosed that he could walk and suffered from a similar disease.


“Shall we try?” I wondered. “Well, I’m giving him a 10% chance,” the doctor responded to Fahrudin’s comments.


He was immediately escorted to the surgical room and prep area. Maddox has had surgery! He is now napping after waking up. He snoozes and unwinds.

The first post-operative test will be done in two or three days to assess whether he is in “deep pain”! If he responds to “pinching with scissors,” he has a 50% chance of walking with practice.


Maddox may never walk again as a result of the catastrophic injury to his spinal cord. He’s had similar experiences with spinal cords that were similarly damaged. But his life goes on! We’ll make sure they have a wheelchair.


6 days after the procedure! The prognoses are not encouraging. There were crushed vertebrae. The spinal cord was blue, not grey. The broken vertebra has been removed. There is no longer any pain. It’s also unfortunate that he doesn’t endure extreme discomfort. According to estimates, he will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. However, miracles can happen!

They will try the impossible! Nothing, however, is impossible.


Following 16 days At the moment, the Maddox is lovely, sweet, and tasty. He was able to stand on his own two feet. But that’s all for now. He wanted to return to his cage in one hour.


Do not believe in miracles! However, miracles can happen! Vet feels he will be able to walk since he is a tough fighter.

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