Adorable Street Puppy Discovered with a Massive Hernia on Her Belly

RRSA India got a call about small Puppy, according to Star Network Rescue. The Puppy was suffering from a massive Mass. Raahi was her given name.

Her weight was so great that she couldn’t sit up straight. Raahi was a stray puppy. She was completely alone, with no one to look after her. Raahi was both little and brave.

The massive mass emanating from Raahi’s belly was enormous. It seemed to be a massive tumor. Raahi was immediately brought to the hospital for treatment.

However, after careful examination, the Vet team concluded that the huge tumor was an inguinal hernia. Raahi was anesthetized by the veterinary staff for several procedures.

Veterinary said that despite her small size, surgery was the best option. Raahi was sewn up once surgery was completed. In addition, she had two loose teeth extracted.

Raahi just needed to relax for a short time. Raahi was at a nice shelter, and she was cared for by shelter personnel.

She was really weak the next two days following the procedure. But she was more happier and healthier today.

After a few days, the staff noticed that she seemed much more at ease. She no longer had to contend with a massive bulk, especially when lying down. She recovered quickly.


Raahi recovered from surgery and became a joyful, energetic small dog.

She was clearly feeling much better.

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