He’s Not Afraid To Jump Under A Train To Save His Best Friend

I shall not desert my pal. A dog who put himself in danger by running beside an injured dog that couldn’t move off the railway track but defended it for two days. He laid beside her, pushing her head down so she wouldn’t be struck.

A female dog, unable to move, lies down on the railroad tracks in Ukraine, despite the risk of getting hit by (yet another?) train. Her male friend, on the other hand, refused to leave her side and begged her to keep her head down to protect her while fast trains raced over them.

It’s unclear if Lucy was hit by a passing train in Uzhgorod, but she was too badly hurt and cold to get to safety. Locals tried to help her, but every time they got too close, her lover, Panda, growled at them to keep their distance.

Denis Malafeyev spotted the duo and uploaded the heart-stopping footage of them barely avoiding being hit by a speeding train.

“It’s such a moving story.” “I received a phone call from a friend who said two dogs had been lying on the railway track near Tseglovka village for two days,” he added.


“When we arrived, we discovered that one of the canines, the female, had been injured and was unable to move.” However, the male dog was guarding her from us. I felt ill as I saw a train coming.”

The train was travelling so fast that there was no way he could have arrived in time to save them. If he had even tried it, all three would have been crushed..

“When the male dog heard the approaching train, he approached the female dog and laid down next to her.” They both turned their heads to the ground and let the train pass.”


They both survived and were transported to a doctor after being pulled from the tracks. Lucy had no broken bones, but she was seriously bruised. The dogs’ family was identified and reunited with them, but Panda continued to snuggle with Lucy long after they were safely in a vehicle and on their way home.

“The male dog had been doing this for two days in a row.” Think about it. He had been keeping her warm. I’m not sure what to call it: instinct, love, friendship, or loyalty? One thing is certain: not everyone would act in this manner.”

Fortunately, both quickly recovered. The male was called Panda, while the damaged female was named Lucy.

“I’ve also completed all of my vaccinations.” And as I engaged with the individuals at the center, I gradually gained faith in them. The long-awaited foster parent applicant then emerged.

“She was brought in by a man as part of a pair.”

For two days on the freezing train track, when there was nothing to eat, the panda kept warm without abandoning his most important partner. I had the option of fleeing. But he dared to spend the most perilous part of the train’s journey by his side, with his pals.

That brave deed may have steered destiny in a better way.

“Right now, the two are getting along fine with foster parents.”

numerous people praised their love, fortitude, and good fortune when they were informed about them on Facebook, and numerous notes were given.

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