The tiniest dog rescued from a puppy mill meets his first friend.

Ruggles, the Shih-Tzu, is a wonderful dog. He was sent to a new location where a fresh life might begin.

He found a new buddy who had just been released from a difficult situation to signify this new beginning. Chompers, a two-day-old kitten, was found abandoned under a porch. The video below portrays their first encounter.

Ruggles and Chompers both had terrible beginnings, but they are now happy and healthy thanks to loving humans who adopted them. Ruggles rose to prominence after being chosen as the spokeswoman for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. The dog now attends schools to educate children about shelter animals and puppy mills.

Chompers (who lived up to her name!) was assaulting little Ruggles, which is why they weren’t adopted together. and because of his health issues, it was agreed that both animals should be adopted individually. They are both filled with love and pleasure.

To see the video, follow the link below.

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