After being trapped in tar, the dog mustered all of his might to bark for help.

In Suwaki, Poland, an abandoned dog lay down on freshly spilled tar in search of a warm spot to rest.Unfortunately, the dog didn’t know he was imprisoned until he began howling for help. The dog was pleading for rescue, and the employees around could hear him barking loudly.

When they arrived and spotted the puppy, they immediately contacted Joanna Godlewska of the Niczyje Animal Foundation. The brave critter was able to peel his nose out from the tar, allowing him to bark and breathe.

Animal rescuers gently removed the dog’s hair with the help of local fire departments and police agencies. The crew ultimately extracted the dog’s body from the tar.

The dog was subsequently brought to the veterinarian for an examination and restorative medicine for weariness. Over 100 ticks were extracted from his body.

The dog was given a comfy bed and a warm dinner after many washing to remove the leftover tar from his hair and paws. Fortunately, the dog began to feel better, and his minor head injuries were treated as well.

Farcik, the adorable dog, is slowly learning to walk and will stay with his rescuers until he completely heals. He will be ready for adoption after he has completely healed. We hope he recovers quickly and finds a permanent home.

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