A pitbull tackles a 6-foot shark to rescue his owner.

Darby is such a beautiful puppy! What a great canine! They are very delicate and brilliant if they are nurtured correctly.

They are unaware that pit bulls are also quite loyal, although they are not especially popular due to their violent nature.

Darby, the brave and smart Pit Bull, became the family hero when he protected his owner James White from a shark attack!

On a sunny day in Sonoma County, California, James was casting his line from the coast. He coiled up the rope for approximately 10 minutes before noticing there was a six-foot gill shark at the other end.

James attempted to free the shark’s hook, but he was unable to do it fast enough. As soon as its fangs punctured his artery and were trapped in his ankle, James shuddered and cried for help.

Darby, his one-year-old pitbull dog, was waiting in a nearby parked vehicle. The smart dog saw the need for help and opened the vehicle door. In an ar.ro.w of speed, he rushes down to James to rescue his master.


Darby began to bite at the shark’s gills, causing the shark to bite James more aggressively. Darby was shouted at by James to grab the shark’s tail, and James was able to pull the shark out and toss it back into the water.

Darby saved his life since he would have lost a limb if it hadn’t been for the shark’s razor-sharp teeth.

Although none of us purchase a dog in the anticipation that it would one day protect us from danger, dogs did!

If you’re looking for a loving, devoted buddy, dogs are without a doubt the ideal alternative.

They are among the world’s friendliest and most faithful dog breeds; congrats to the courageous kid! ❤💞

In fact, there are times when animals outperform people…

Watch the video below to see what happened:

Darby has…


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