A puppy who had his teeth extracted by his previous owner is now ‘enjoying his finest life’ in a foster home.

It’s incredible how nasty some people can be to animals. We’ve heard of pets being rescued from awful home situations under appalling conditions.

But, thankfully, there are amazing individuals who are willing to come up and offer these animals with the love and care they need after being exposed to so much brutality.

One dog’s previous owner, for example, extracted all of his teeth, but he is presently mending in excellent hands.

The Royal Animal Refuge in Tyrone, Georgia, presented a particularly heartbreaking tale of a pet that arrived on February 23: a 9-month-old little pit bull mix whose teeth had been pulled by a previous owner.

The charity believes the pup’s teeth were removed so he could be used as a “bait dog” in a dog fighting business, according to FOX 5.

“The vet said that wasn’t a professional job,” Royal Animal Refuge Director Mariel Weigand told FOX 5.

Despite his ordeal, he proved to be a good dog at the animal shelter: “We couldn’t say no to taking him in, and he instantly grabbed all of our hearts,” Royal Animal Refuge said on Facebook.

While the name “Toothless” may seem harsh, it is based on one of the franchise’s heroic dragons: “In the movie, Toothless overcomes many hardships and obstacles, therefore it is very perfect for our child!” they said.

But Toothless wasn’t out of the woods yet: the puppy was diagnosed with parvo, a highly infectious virus that may cause fatal sickness in pups, shortly after arriving at the rescue.

“He was promptly brought to a vet and is currently receiving medical attention,” said Royal Animal Refuge in a statement. “Toothless asks for pleasant thoughts to be sent his way.”

“Please keep Toothless in your thoughts and prayers; we know he’s a warrior, and we know he’ll keep fighting!”

Toothless was saved owing to donations from fans, and the dog is getting “better every day,” according to FOX 5.

Toothless has been through a lot, including tooth loss and parvo, but things are looking better for this sweet pooch.

A Royal Animal Refuge update said that Toothless is now “living his best life” in the care of a “wonderful foster family.”

They posted photos of Toothless in his new home, demonstrating that even though he has lost his teeth, he still has a beautiful grin.

The shelter thanked the foster family and everyone else who helped assist Toothless in their statement.

Royal Animal Refuge issued a statement saying, “We want to thank everyone for giving, sharing, and raising awareness for adorable canines like Toothless.”

“As always, we couldn’t have done it without you all, and we will be eternally grateful.”

It hurts our hearts to think of what Toothless went through, but we’re pleased that he’s now in good hands, getting the best care and living with a wonderful foster home.

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