We burst into tears as he appeared bent in half, wondering what he was going through.

Dog lovers are baffled as to why somebody would want to kill an innocent animal for no reason. Some individuals are cruel, with no reasonable justification for their acts. Spencer’s tale is about a sorrowful puppy that underwent a lot of mistreatment during his first year on our globe.

Spencer is a sweet Doberman who was found on the side of a South Carolina highway after being struck by a car. He was found strolling beside the road, looking for roadkill to eat.

Spencer was fortunately transferred to Paws & Claws in Columbia, South Carolina, by some kind people. Spencer’s members may be seen by the vet’s personnel. He had a shattered back, most likely as a result of the car accident.

Employees also saw he had a terrible ear crop job, which was clearly done at home. In addition, x-rays showed a clump of razor-sharp avian bones lodged in his stomach. They were going to rip his tummy apart! He also had gashes on his head and legs that needed to be stitched!

Spencer had clearly been mistreated, and he had either managed to flee or been abandoned on the street, left to fend for himself and try to live on his own. They uncovered some exciting news with the assistance of the VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina. Spencer would be OK since he was so little. He could still feel his legs, and they hoped that surgery would help mend his spine and restore his ability to walk!

Thankfully, his back surgery went well, and he was on his way to relearning how to walk. The vets also observed that the bones in his stomach were beginning to pass safely on their own. Everything looked to be going as planned.

He is still recovering with the assistance of kind staff members and physical therapy. He’s traveling with lightening speed! He started walking with full support and, before they realized it, he was walking without a sling. He’s returned to his former self and can now walk on his own! “He’s a wonderful dog who is young, cheerful, and otherwise healthy.” He’s ready to have a wonderful life.”


Spencer has found his permanent home!

It’s no surprise that this courageous dog found the ideal home, complete with canine siblings! His parents keep an eye on his Facebook page, so be sure to follow him.

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