The dog was seen searching among the garbage, when she discovered a little puppy!

The dog discovered a puppy in the garbage and raised him!

A police officer in Novo Horizonte, Brazil, was leaving home to do an errand earlier this week when he observed something pretty ordinary: a neighbor’s dog rummaging through a stack of garbage bags put on the street for collection.

However, it was determined that the pup was driven by a full heart rather than an empty stomach.

The officer observed the same dog when he returned home a few minutes later. But this time she had something in her mouth.

According to Diario do Regiao, the officer originally imagined the dog had spotted a dead kitten as he approached for a better look. However, the facts turned out to be incredibly encouraging.

The dog had indeed saved a puppy who was still alive despite reeking of the rubbish where he’d been likely abandoned to die.

The puppy’s canine rescuer had the best of intentions.

She started whimpering when the puppy was taken away, so she was allowed to keep an eye on him while the police called a local animal rescuer, Marco Antonio Rodrigues, for help.

“She was the most important part in saving the puppy,” Rodrigues said online about the heroic dog.

But soon, another good-natured dog would be needed to help.


Rodrigues posted on Facebook asking if anybody had a dog that was already nursing since the dog who discovered the baby wasn’t producing milk.

The abandoned dog finally met her new foster parent at this point.

While the person guilty for viciously abandoning the puppy may never be found, there is little mistake about who saved his life.

“One dog discovered the puppy in the trash, and another is taking care of him,” Rodrigues said. “What a lovely item!” said one.

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