Woman Takes 18 Disabled Dogs to the Beach for the First Time Ever

Dogs are among the purest creatures on the planet. Even the smallest everyday events, like as going for a walk or seeing mom or dad come home from work, are a source of great delight for our canine companions.

Nothing surpasses exploring outdoors for most dogs, although it’s more challenging for some than others.

Crossing terrain that most dogs can handle without thinking is challenging for disabled canines.

Canine wheelchairs should avoid rough terrain, dense foliage, and bodies of water.

Beaches, with their miles of sand and water, may also be out, which is unfortunate since most dogs like coming to the beach.

You know that unexplainable feeling of bliss you get when you go to the beach? Dogs, on the other hand, have 10 times the intensity.

So Salima Kadaoui was determined that her 18 crippled canines should enjoy the beach in the same way that any other dog could.

Salima established SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangiers, Morocco. Several of the dogs she saves have life-threatening injuries as a consequence of being struck by automobiles and abandoned.

Thankfully, Salima seldom gives up on her dogs, understanding that if they can adjust to a new way of life, they may still experience life to the fullest.

She demonstrated the promise of rehabilitation on July 4 by taking several of her dogs on a day vacation.

Despite only using their front legs, the dogs raced beside Salima from one end of the beach to the other.

Imagine sleeping on the beach and hearing a commotion, then looking up to see 18 dogs on wheelchairs running down the sand!

There are dogs of varying sizes on the beach, ranging from a little corgi to a massive german shepherd. The doggie wheelchair has been a life-saving device in so many cases.

It makes no difference that these canines cannot use their rear legs since they can run as fast as their non-disabled counterparts with their wheels in place.

Even a little levity is allowed! Salima’s shoe is stolen by a corgi, who rattles it about in her mouth before returning it to its rightful owner.

Another video of the dogs racing along the beach shows one mischievous dog putting the wheel of his friend’s wheelchair in his teeth as they continue to race at full speed!

This seems to be a happy group, and it’s fantastic that Salima has been able to give these puppies the life they deserve.

One thing is certain: these dogs are not depressed.

They can teach us humans a thing or two about life. How many of us, even those without disabilities, compare ourselves to others and desire for things we don’t have?

We should be more like these dogs, appreciating what we have and not worrying about what we don’t.

Salima and her puppies’ video has received around 1500,000 views.

Salima told Story Trender that “we have approximately 600 animals in total at the Sanctuary, including dogs, cats, donkeys, and monkeys.”

She’s got a lot on her plate! But what a rewarding job it must be.

Click here to see a cute video of a group of handicapped canines having fun on the beach.

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