Due of her deformed legs, the breeder takes the “happiest” puppy to be euthanized.

A dog was born with two deformed legs, making it difficult to walk. Her breeder had her killed because they thought she’d never have a decent quality of life. They were, however, entirely wrong!

A family saved the 5-week-old puppy from euthanasia. Tyra weighed just half a pound at the time, but she was vivacious. She was fostered by the family for a few months as she grew in strength and learned to walk. She’s one of the happiest dogs, thus she gets the same rights as any other dog.

Tyra Adjusts to Her New Life
When her breeder abandoned her at a clinic to be euthanized, Tyra’s life was worth preserving. Tyra was handed to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, who found her a foster home. Tyra quickly adjusted in and became friends with the family’s 70-pound black Lab.

“We had no idea what her long-term care requirements would be when we brought her home, but we were determined to find out alongside her,” Tyra’s foster parent said.

Tyra learned to walk and play on her own despite the fact that her front legs were not fully grown. She underwent physical therapy and was eventually equipped with a pair of wheels that enabled her to run as fast as her dog friends.

Tyra’s foster family instantly fell in love with her lively, independent spirit. She was so well-liked in her foster home that her foster parents decided to adopt her. She is now as content as she possibly be as a result of them!

Unending Joy in the Future
Tyra has been with her permanent family for almost a year and is becoming more comfortable with them every day. She likes to try new activities and meet new people and pets. She is extremely at ease on her wheels, and she likes snuggling with her folks and her dog sister at the end of the day.

“We’re really impressed by her pleasure and perseverance,” Tyra’s human said. “She also has a large personality and a lively spirit.”

Tyra may not look to be your typical dog, but she doesn’t seem to notice or care. She’s just like any other dog, and she doesn’t let her disability hold her back. Tyra likes running about and proving to the world that all dogs deserve a chance in life. Tyra is fortunate to have found such a wonderful family, since a permanent home may make all the difference for rescue dogs.

Tyra’s Adventure Can Be Seen Here:

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