This dog was mistreated by its owner, but happily it was adopted by a new family, and a child now comforts him.

Dogs are trustworthy and harmless creatures that would never hurt their family on purpose, thus they deserve our respect and protection.

This lovely white dog has found a new home where it is happy and content.

Please meet Archie, an 11-month-old baby, and Nora, a dog. They form a lovely pair. They’d known one other for a long time and had become close; it seemed natural that they’d end up together.Nora, Archie’s eight-year-old English pointer, “came from an abusive family and is scared of practically everything,” according to Elizabeth Spence, Archie’s mother. Nora is the only member of the family who comes from such a family.

Archie and Nora are regularly pitted against one other. Nora may feel more protected, secure, and comfortable as a result of the infant’s radiating warmth.

They have a really close relationship. Archie never screams when Nora arrives to cradle him, and he seems happy rather than afraid by her presence.

“Nora is probably sitting on the bathmat, waiting for Archie to come out of the bathroom if he’s taking a bath right now.” She wants to sit on my lap with us and cuddle up with him as I nurse him. The remark was made by Archie’s mother. “She will be there to support him even if he raids my cabinets and dumps every dish on the floor,” said the statement.

Archie and Nora follow the same schedule every day: they dress up, spend time together doing activities in the family den, and sleep together in the afternoon.

And Elizabeth has spent a lot of time capturing the two of them in their passionate hugs.

We can learn from Nora that family, no matter where you come from, can help you get through almost anything. Nora’s condition might have been lot worse if it hadn’t been for Archie’s mother’s kindness and the fact that Archie accepted Nora as a part of his family.

What a wonderful shot depicting the mutual relationship between people and animals.

Let us keep our fingers crossed for Nora and Archie’s family, praying for a happy life together and the ability to overcome difficulties.

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