Locals work tirelessly to reunite a mother dog with her pups following a terrible landslide.

This story is about a poor puppy that became entangled in the mud caused by heavy rain. Thankfully, some wonderful guys heard about her and volunteered to help her by digging deep into the muck to bring him out!

They dug a hole in the soil with a shovel… to extract the canine. They had to take extreme precautions to avoid injuring the dog.

They were able to save the dog… The guys were stunned. They arrived after seeing two newborn pups in the dirt. They bathed the pups with a towel since they were fully covered in filth.

The little pups should have been born recently and would not have survived if not for the rescuers’ efforts.

The man tenderly cleaned the pups with water… I double-checked to make sure all three pets were okay. The mother was nearby, eager to see her children.

The manr covered the pups in the towel to properly dry and warm them. After that, the dog and her pups sought refuge and were finally safe.

The dog slept under the little house as the newborn pups nursed on her. Three lives were saved, and the family was reunited.

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