With a joyful leap into the bin, an eager German Shepherd selects her perfect toy.

Shannon Emery of Liberty, Missouri, wasn’t expecting his dog to be so ‘into’ a new toy when he brought her shopping.

Shannon brought his German shepherd puppy, Mila, to his local Menards on March 4th, as they had done previously. Mila enjoys going shopping and gets to get a new toy every time they go.

“She’s been to this store a few times, and she gets to pick out a toy every time,” Shannon said.

Mila is acquainted with this toy bin. She expects it and knows it’s one of their last stops before reaching the register. As they get closer, she begins to pull Shannon toward it:

“The aisle with the toy bin is one of the last stops in the store, so she impatiently dragged the leash towards that portion of the store the whole visit,” Emery continued.

Mila, on the other hand, resolved to take matters into her own hands. Despite the fact that the stock was not reaching the top of the bin, she excitedly jumped into a toy bin and helped herself to the one she chose. “When we arrived this time, the supply was limited, so she couldn’t reach the toys as easily.” Even though I wasn’t filming the first time she did it, she simply jumped right in. As a result, we captured the occasion on film,” he said.

Did the wonderful puppy receive two toys because she took two jumps into the toy bin? Nope. Nonetheless, we’re sure she left the shop happy. Mila chose to bring home a yellow squeaky ball, according to Shannon.

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