Mother of 14 puppies after being abandoned as a pregnant female dog in front of a shelter.

Pregnancy is a challenging period for all mothers everywhere. Mothers need love and care now more than ever since they are going to give birth to magnificent babies. Sadly, Natajuli, a dog carrying 14 babies within her tummy at the time and nine weeks pregnant, did not get a wonderful reward.

On a chilly December day, Natajuli was left outside the shelter known as Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA). It was December 22 and she was on the verge of giving birth. It’s very tragic!

When the shelter’s employees found her, she was terrified, scared, and extremely weak. She needed some time to settle down since she was so terrified.

She is such a protective mother, therefore she was quite wary of the workers at the shelter. But after some time had gone, she relaxed and began conversing with them.

There may be 13 or 14 kids within her womb, so look inside. We’re attempting to arrange her test for tomorrow even though she is quite frail, said a volunteer at the shelter.

Everything was ready for the time when Natajuli eventually gave birth to her children. Natajuli and I will have a very long night tonight. Prepare for her ultrasound to make sure everything is in line, said a shelter resident in a post on social media.

Natajuli was brought back to the shelter with the assistance she needed after giving birth to her beautiful children. She did an excellent job and had real bravery. The first child is an extremely intelligent little boy.

It was quite incredible that Natajuli gave birth to 14 gorgeous kids, much to everyone’s amazement.

Following that, Natalie and her 14 children were transported to the veterinarian for a short examination, an ultrasound, and blood testing. She must be exhausted since she has a red face, but all 14 of the puppies are large and plump.

One of the shelter’s staff members said, “Her kids are so adorable; I just want to kiss them. I almost cried when I saw her smile.”


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