Augie celebrates her 20th birthday and becomes the oldest golden retriever in the world.

The oldest Golden Retriever in the world, Augie from Tennessee, is 20 years old.

As of her 20th birthday, August is the oldest Gilden Retriever in the world. Together with her owners, Steve and Jennifer, she resides in Tennessee. She arrived when she was 14 years old, which is roughly equivalent to 78 years in human years.

Nevada used to be my home.Generally, garden retrievers live 10 to 12 years before passing away from cancer. S Stev and Jennifer worried that the dg wouldn’t last long without them. As Augiе becomes 20 years old, she surpasses all previous record holders.

After a few years, Glden Retriever Her, it became obvious that August was healthy and inactive. Everyone believed that she would live a long time because she was over 14 years old when we acquired her.

When asked what the secret is to a dog’s longevity, Stеv responds, “We presume it basically has to do with excellent genes.”

As of her 20th birthday, August is the oldest golden retriever in the world.

The second step of kidnapping is unsuccessful. Although the fourth stage is seen to be dangerous (the fourth stage is thought to be severe), her health remains stable and does not worsen as a result of quick treatment and prevention. Stev claims that although August is a little slow, he still likes playing.

Jumping in toddlers and relaxing in front of the television with her family are two of her other pleasures.

August turns 20 and becomes the world’s oldest gold retriever, according to the Guinness Book of Records. August may really be the 19th.

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