A little puppy is given a new life after being found in a plastic bag, nearly dead.

A little white puppy was discovered in a plastic bag on July 10, 2016, in Transylvania, Romania.

The unfortunate cat, who was on the verge of death, had been left in the garbage as if her life did not matter.

The bag already contained worms when it was discovered. The dog had been abused in the past, resulting in a brain injury and other injuries.

She was dehydrated, had a broken leg, and was famished. She was given up for lost.

She was found abandoned and taken to Transylvania Animal Care, where staff members started working right away. The final name given to the dog was “Anora,” which is Greek for “light.”

The dog’s worms were successfully removed, and the swelling in her skull was also reduced by the medical professionals. They had obviously mistreated the animal severely; it was evident from the way they were treating her.

Anora was subsequently adopted by her current mother, Helen Taylor, in the UK after growing healthier.

She began a fundraising campaign to raise money for Anora’s medical expenses. Anora was especially troubled by a limb that hadn’t fully healed.

Anora was able to get the required procedure in January 2017 because of all the assistance and funding she got.


Anora currently resides in the UK with Taylor and her devoted family. She adores her new home and keeps getting better every day.

It’s lovely to see that Anora appears to be living a very happy life in 2022.

After everything she has been through, this poor innocent puppy deserves all the love and attention she is receiving!

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