Morocho, a dog, put his life in danger to save the lives of two girls.

Morocho is the Dogo who abducted two little girls and beat a Puma. Famous dogo fought a puma to defend the kids.

Ulises (Dr. Nores Martines, the creator’s grandson) decided to run errands in La Cocha a few months earlier. She brought his 10-year-old daughter “Sofa,” whom he was going to take the same day off and come back. No issues arose during the trip.

As soon as they arrived to the estancia, “Tomás,” the manager, began assisting Uisses. ‘Sofa’ and ‘Yoli,’ ‘Tomás’s’ daughter, asked for permission to visit a large fig tree 700 yards away so they could pick and eat some figs.

The best figs, according to Yoli, are frequently found near the top of the tree, on the highest branch she could scale. There was only one problem. She had not been the only person to scale the tree.

Yoli was around 7 feet above the ground when she first heard the tree’s leaves rustling and branches swinging.

She was unaware that the same tree was home to a puma, also referred to as a mountain lion or cougar.

She noticed a HUGE puma jumping down the higher branches when she raised her head to look. Yoli was knocked to the ground from a height of two meters when the animal attacked her with one of its paws. She arrived at a level back landing.

Morocho, one of Ulises’ top dogs, had been wagging his tail jokingly after them when they had entered the fence.

The Dogo Argentino made the decision to put his life in danger in order to save two young children when Morocho came face to face with a puma. When Yoli’s father overheard the girls sobbing, he immediately took off running.

Tomas Bracamonte remarked, “I thought it was a snake.” I hastened there. I hurried over to them as soon as I could.

When he arrived, Morocho was there. The dog had terrible wounds, yet it was still alive. Puma walked away from us.

Because of Morocho, those two young girls are still living today. Millions of people throughout the world were astounded by Morocho’s courage.

He is lucky because our furry Angels are keeping an eye on all of us.Please Godspeed!

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