Dog who is blind undergoes surgery and eventually sees his family for the very first time.

Second chances are a common theme in the touching videos that are now popular online.

Duffy’s caregiver, Benjamin May, revealed that when the rescue Irish terrier went blind, both he and his parents, Duffy’s owners, were unhappy. May notes that Duffy’s collapse appeared to come out of nowhere.

He changed from being a completely normal 8-year-old dog to a totally blind dog in about 3-5 months, May claimed on the popular social media site Reddit.

It aches my heart to watch this dog I grew up with, the man remarked. He bumps into stuff and doesn’t know who I am. He simply endures.

Canine diabetes, which is somewhat similar to human diabetes in that it inhibits the body’s capacity to properly create insulin and makes it difficult for the body to digest sugar, is present in Duffy, a 9-year-old dog. This disorder has no known treatments.
Duffy’s owners initially believed he had diabetes when he began to urinate frequently indoors last year, one of the warning indications of the potentially life-threatening condition.
Doctors verified the worst: Tamiflu’s blood sugar was dangerously high. Duffy lost her vision shortly after being given her diagnosis, and she was never again able to see her loved ones.

But his loving family and knowledgeable doctors insisted that they keep the gorgeous Irish Terrier alive. Duffy’s family regularly gave him medication and closely watched Tamiflu’s blood sugar levels until veterinarians agreed to conduct surgery to restore his eyesight.
Thankfully, May recalled, “we maintained his statistics, and [the doctors] chose to try surgery.

In January of last year, Duffy underwent successful surgery. His family managed to get a picture of Duffy’s veterinarian removing the bandages and allowing him to see his loved ones once more. Duffy was happy and wagged his tail to welcome Mom and Dad despite the fact that his eyes weren’t brand-new but had improved.

A joyous moment for Duffy quickly becomes contagious. Since the finished film was posted to YouTube on May 14, it has accumulated over 1.5 million views.

May was happy to observe Duffy’s progress following the procedure.

May told Duffy’s Huffington Post, “Obviously, he still has diabetes, so he gets insulin injections twice a day.” There were no issues or concerns with his vision, though, and the surgery to repair his eye was a great success.

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